Mark Percival emailed participants in his group purchase of No Slot Clock chips this morning, letting them know that the chips have been mailed out to the buyers. Mark has set up a web page where you can download the installation instructions and with other information.He adds some important tips that are not included in the installation instructions he mailed with each order:

  • The chip will arrive with its pins set in Styrofoam. You should leave the chip in the foam until you’re ready to install it. When you do remove it from the foam, don’t set the chip pins-down on any surface. There’s a tiny battery in the chip, and shorting the battery pins can destroy the chip.
  • When you install your NSC, pay special attention to the direction of the notch in your 28-pin ROM and the same notch in the NSC. They must be facing the same direction. Getting either chip in the wrong direction would be a very bad thing.
  • If you have an accelerator, including the built-in acceleration on the Apple IIc Plus, disable the acceleration before running the SWU.SYSTEM utility to set the time on the clock. The program won’t see the clock if the system is accelerated. Once the time is set, you can safely turn acceleration back on.