This is a good month for KEGS. Another update from Kent Dickey brings more features and bug fixes. Changes include:

  • Improved file browser for selecting disk images jumps to files when you start typing their name. Disk images compressed with “.gz” are opened automatically.
  • 3200 color picture support is more efficient on slower machines.
  • Support for 14MB of IIgs memory. (Thanks to Geoff Weiss)
  • Linux serial port code fixed to avoid hangs.

A complete list of changes since the last public release of v0.82 are as follows:

Changes in KEGS v0.84 since v0.83 (11/21/03)

  • Add new speed, 8.0MHz directly using right-clicking or F6.
  • Sim speed and Video update interval added to Config panel.
  • Various cycle timing bugs in engine_c.c fixed.
  • Add Config Panel entry to mask serial output to 7-bit, to enable PR#2 to work better with an external telnet.
  • In Config Panel file selection, typing a letter jumps to the first file beginning with that letter.
  • Fixed various serial socket bugs. Now you can disconnect a telnet session and start a new one, and a Linux hang is fixed.
  • Default GS memory size increased to 8MB.
  • Small fix to double-hires color table.
  • X windows can now send displays to other-endian X servers.

Changes in KEGS v0.83 since v0.82 (11/19/03)

  • Add Memory Size to config panel, with support for up to 14MB of memory (Geoff Weiss)
  • Add $C04F EMUBYTE support which Bernie II the Rescue defined. (Geoff Weiss)
  • Fix $CFFF code red’s reported by David Wilson.
  • Add smartport $C70A Format routine (David Wilson).

Kent also gives a sneak peek at some possible new features he hopes to incorporate into a future version.

“My next project will be attempting to convert the Mac version to Cocoa since I’m sick of the Carbon oddities. Then I will work on printing by emulating an Imagewriter II and creating a PDF (but only on a Mac since there’s OS code to do the bitmap-to-PDF conversion for me). Anyone have code to create postscript from a bitmap in a simple way (since I could do that on Windows and Linux)? This will all take somewhere between 2 months and 2 years depending on how much time I get to work on stuff. My big project after that will be creating a virtual Appleshare server to let the emulated GS see the complete native
filesystem, so you can edit files with vi on Unix, and then compile with Orca inside KEGS.”