The cc65 compiler has support for many 6502 based computers, including the Apple II. Among this release’s many new features are several specific to the Apple II such as a joystick driver, extended memory driver and TGI drivers.”This is a major release with many new features and (of course) bug fixes. Lots of things have changed since the last major release. The compiler itself got only a few user visible changes, but there are many visible additions to the libraries. Hardware support has been much improved thanks to the help of many contributors. Serial drivers are now loadable at runtime, which means that applications can support a much broader palette of serial devices (and can even support hardware that wasn’t known when the application was built). Serial support is now available for more machines than before, so the Contiki team has something to do over christmas:-) Lots of new extended memory and graphics drivers are available. To sum it up: Library support for more platforms and better library support for existing platforms. The assembler has gotten some nice enhancements: Better 65816 support, improved scoping, and the addition of structs/unions and other high level constructs. And last but not least: The documentation has been extended, the function reference is much more complete, and there are now docs that outline the special features for each platform.”