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Kim Howe releases software updates

Kim Howe has released updates to four of his programs for the Apple IIgs, including Shipwrecked, TelnetNDA, YahtzeeNDA, and the Arachnid web browser. These are minor bug-fix releases with updated contact information as well.Shipwrecked is a graphical adventure game implemented in HyperCard IIgs. TelnetNDA is a desk accessory that provides a simple telnet client, with […]

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Three BASIC games books available on the web has released the complete text of three classic computer books filled with type-in game programs in BASIC. The books are available free online, with the permission of the copyright holder.The three books are: The books feature type-in games in BASIC, such as classics like Animal, Blackbox, Eliza, Hammurabi, Lunar LEM Rocket, Mugwump, and Hunt […]

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Apple IIGS Explorer v1.06a released

Matt Portune’s front end for ActiveGS was updated to incorporate the newest ActiveGS changes as well as adding intelligent disk image and boot slot handling. Apple IIGS Explorer lets you run several hundred Apple II programs and games through a web browser. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows are required.Detailed changes include: v1.06a – Friday, November […]