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Contiki Apple II screenshot posted

The first screenshot showing Contiki running on an Apple II suggests the port is making progress. “The Contiki desktop environment is a highly portable, open source, Internet-enabled, multitasking, graphical operating system that runs on a variety of constrained systems, ranging from modern embedded 8-bit microcontrollers to old 8-bit homecomputers like the Commodore 64.”

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HyperCard Mac dies

HyperCard Mac has finally officially been discontinued, several years after Apple quit giving it any attention. See this story for some thoughts about it. The “benign neglect” Apple showed HyperCard the last few years is very reminiscent of that shown to the Apple II in its later years.

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Virtual ][ 2.6 for Mac OS X released

Gerard Putter has released version 2.6 of Virtual ][, his excellent shareware Apple II, II+, and IIe emulator for Mac OS X. The new version improves performance and adds several additional features. Read on for specifics.The new version lets you include a floppy disk image within a configuration, making it possible to create a turnkey […]

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KEGS 0.86 Apple IIGS emulator released

Kent Dickey’s latest version of KEGS provides sound and mouse fixes. You can grab it here!Changes in KEGS v0.86 since v0.85 (03/23/04) Kent also mentions: “I’d like to get some feedback on the new mouse interface which Geoff has been nagging me to fix for months. I didn’t implement his code exactly since I cleaned […]

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CiderPress 1.2.4 released

A new version of faddensoft’s CiderPress features several minor enhancements. It can now handle some archives created by an old version of ShrinkIt (thanks to a NufxLib update), and creates DiskCopy 4.2 images that match what Macintoshes create.Here is a more detailed explanation of the changes in this release: Creation of DiskCopy 4.2 images is […]