Kent Dickey’s latest version of KEGS provides sound and mouse fixes. You can grab it here!Changes in KEGS v0.86 since v0.85 (03/23/04)

  • Add patch for Solaris sound by Jonathan Kalbfeld.
  • Fix so that F4 enters config panel even while running Prosel-16.
  • Major mouse pointer changes, based on some ideas from Geoff Weiss. The GSOS mouse now exactly tracks the host pointer automatically.
  • Fixed an accidental debug halt when Prosel-16 disables the keyboard/mouse (this bug introduced in v0.85).

Kent also mentions:
“I’d like to get some feedback on the new mouse interface which Geoff has been nagging me to fix for months. I didn’t implement his code
exactly since I cleaned up a lot of gunk around mouse handling at the same time, and tried not to introduce a new mode. I think it works great on Mac OS X and Windows XP, but I didn’t think it felt quite right on X Windows, but I’m not sure if it’s something newly wrong or if mouse handling on X Windows has always been bad.”