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Sweet16/Bernie for OS X getting close?

Andre Horstmann of F.E. Systems Emulation Technologies recently wrote that “things are looking good that at least Sweet16 will meet the Panther quite soon.” Another mention says that “Probably there won’t be as much features in the OS X version as in the Classic version, but we have plans for some really cool new OS […]

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Woz to keynote 5th annual HOPE conference

An article posted on Slashdot today reports that Apple Co-founder and Apple II designer Steve Wozniak will be giving the keynote at the 5th annual HOPE conference in New York, July 9th – 11th. HOPE is presented by the hacker activist group 2600. Check out for more info, or see the /. article at: […]

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Fire Organ / CEEMAC tribute page

Damien Cymbal created this page to honor an early music visualization program for the Apple II. Fire Organ displays colorful animated screen effects set to musical scores. He writes that “these were the forefathers of the visualizations made so popular by Winamp and other current audio players.” Fire Organ was actually a demo for the […]