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Juiced.GS V9I2 mailed to US subscribers

Juiced.GS magazine’s latest issue has been mailed to subscribers in the United States. Issues will be mailed to international subscribers next week, once they have been received at Syndicomm headquarters.The issue features a remembrance of Gary Utter, a handy article about using ISO CD-ROM media on Apple II computers and emulators, and much more.

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Seen on eBay

4132189031 – Ends May-24-04 19:58:06 PDT Sirius RAM IIGS 8MB RAM card. 4131277557 – Ends May-23-04 19:45:00 PDT Somewhere in this hodge-podge is an Apple non-DMA SCSI card. 4131714277 – Ends May-22-04 22:08:17 PDT 4131714523 – Ends May-22-04 22:11:26 PDT A pair of Sequential Systems 4MB RAM cards. 4131312459 – Ends May-20-04 20:33:51 PDT Vitesse […]

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CiderPress v1.2.5 now handles TrackStar image files

Faddensoft’s CiderPress received an update to v1.2.5. New to this version is the ability to convert to and from TrackStar 40-track “.APP” image files. This allows images created by the TrackStar system to be used in an Apple II emulator, and allows disk images created for use
in emulators to be used on a TrackStar board.
In addition, handling of mildly broken 2IMG images (with the ‘WOOF’ creator type) has been fixed.