We had a record seven entries in the KFest HackFest contest this year. Entrants had
three days to code an Apple II program from scratch, and the results were judged by
Howard Katz, Carl Knoblock and Sean Fahey. The grand prize was awarded to Eric
Shepherd for his IIgs program, PapaSan.This useful GS/OS program pops up a small context menu when you control-click. The context menu can be
customized with a series of plugin modules to do useful things, such as
close the active window, display the time and date, launch a specific
program, and many more. Eric will fine-tune his program and then release it.

Geoff Weiss took second place with an Applesoft BASIC program that allows
one to change the MAC address for the LANceGS card. Third place went to
Matthew Schock for his bouncing happy face program coded in Applesoft. The expression
and color of the face change each time it bounces off the edge of the