Sunday is move out day; the last day of KansasFest. Although we’ve all had a great time, we’re tired and ready to go home. But there’s still a certain sadness, too. We’ve bonded with the people we met at KansasFest, some of whom we’ve been hanging out with online for years, and others we just met for the first time.While the Apple II is ostensibly the reason KansasFest exists, it’s really more about the people, the community, and the good times we have when we’re together, both in person and online.

So parting is a sweet sorrow, but we know that we can gather again in the virtual world and share our memories, and our expectations of the future.

We’ll laugh and recall Jeri’s mannequin head perched atop a toilet plunger, or the talking fish that received a brain transplant from a Furby. We’ll remember the jokes and gags from the roast, or the first time we noticed Carl dozing during a presentation. We’ll reflect upon all that we learned from those that presented sessions.

And we’ll smile and look forward to the next time we gather in Kansas City.