Day three began with waffles. Or possibly they were the new heat tiles NASA is developing to return the space shuttle to flight. Either way, they were rock-hard yet strangely tasty once you managed to get it into your mouth.The first session of the day was Greg Nelson’s presentation on graphics and animation software for the Apple IIgs. That was followed by back-to-back sessions from Geoff Weiss; the first was about the LANceGS card and Ethernet software development, and the second was an introduction to the capabilities of the KEGS Apple IIgs emulator, including some new code that’s not released yet that lets KEGS emulate a LANceGS card.

After Geoff wrapped up, we went to lunch, then returned for a session on ISPs by Howard Katz. Then came three rousing games of Apple II Jeopardy, hosted by Tony Diaz. After that, Tony demonstrated how to refurbish an Apple 3.5 or UniDisk 3.5 drive.

That brought us to dinner, which included lasagna that was fairly good (for dorm food). After dinner, the GShisen tournament’s first round was played, and we watched The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on DVD, projected onto the wall in vast widescreen glory.

Then a few of us headed out to IHOP for a bite to eat. I’ve just gotten back from that, and am winding down to sleep, so I can be awake again in four hours to do another day of KansasFest. I can’t wait!