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MyIPNDA 1.0 public beta released

Ryan Suenaga, publisher of The Lamp! and A2 News and Notes, Editor-in-Chief of Juiced.GS magazine, and Chief Sysop of the A2 Forum on, has released into public beta his first New Desk Accessory. MyIP.NDA is a New Desk Accessory that does one simple thing: displays the IP address of the IIgs you’re using. Requires […]

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Seen on eBay

5715791298 – Ends Aug-24-04 13:55:15 PDT Sequential Systems RAM-GS 4MB 5715792215 – Ends Aug-24-04 14:01:57 PDT Apple High Speed SCSI card 5716128924 – Ends Aug-26-04 12:18:45 PDT Apple IIgs with SCSI/HD other items of interest