Gerard Putter has released version 3.0 of Virtual ][, which runs on Mac OS X.The new version emulates the Epson FX-80 printer on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. In addition, it adds the following changes:

  • The state of a virtual machine can be saved and restored.
  • Now emulates the Applied Engineering RamWorks card on the Apple //e, which gives you up to 8 MB of memory.
  • The program now includes several different character set ROMs, and supports user-customized character sets.
  • Installing ROM files has been simplified.
  • The color of the “phosphor” on monochrome screens can be configured.
  • The video refresh rate of the emulated monitor can now be changed.
  • When doing a cold restart, the disks now stay in the drives.
  • Mouse emulation has been improved; software like the Apple II DeskTop now runs correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented removing a diskette image from a configuration.