The latest version of this multi-platform Apple IIgs emulator focuses on improved joystick support, adds a keypad joystick, adds floating bus support, and fixes many bugs, some of which offer better animation and demo support.Here is a list of changes since the last public release (v0.86):

Changes in KEGS v0.90 since v0.89 (10/19/04)

  • Make Keypad Joystick the default joystick emulation.
  • Fix timezone calculation on Mac OS X for central time zone.
  • Fix handling of long paths in config panel, reported by David Scruffham.
  • Always call joystick_init at startup.
  • Fix F2 keymappings for X Windows, to fix some issue reported by David Wilson.
  • Fixed some documentation issues reported by David Wilson.
  • Fixed a bug in joystick_driver.c reported by Doug Mitton.
  • Add README.a2.compatibility to discuss known issues with programs.

Changes in KEGS v0.89 since v0.88 (10/17/04)

  • Make old mouse button presses disappear after .5 seconds.
  • Add Keypad Joystick, along with configuration menu choices to enable it. The keypad numbers move the joystick to the indicated direction, with chording allowing in-between values. The keypad ‘0′ is button 0 and keypad ‘1′ is button 1.
  • Also add jostick scaling factor and trim adjustment.
  • Allow user to increase keyboard and mouse scan rate to 240Hz from 60Hz for some better game response.

Changes in KEGS v0.88 since v0.87 (10/13/04)

  • Add configuration setting to debug halt on code red halts. Also add configuration mode (on by default) to shadow text page 2 on ROM 01, which is an enhancement over a real IIgs.
  • Handle mac binary header on images. Handle compressed .po images.
  • Fix refresh rate to 59.923Hz from 60Hz so that exactly 17030 1MHz cycles pass in one screen refresh period.
  • Enhance trace-to-file function to also write out data values stored using the Data_log info.
  • Debugger adds memory move and memory compare functions.
  • Support “floating bus” where reading certain $C0xx locations returns the current video data. This allows Bob Bishop’s split-screen demos to run and enables Drol’s between-level animations to work fully.

Changes in KEGS v0.87 since v0.86 (10/05/04)

  • Remove all of Jonathan Kalbfeld’s and Gilles Tschopp’s contributions. All of Solaris audio is removed.
  • Fix config screen not drawing correctly if emulator was currently displaying video page 2.
  • Fix STP instruction.
  • Fix mouse-joystick which was halving the Y dimension.