Michael Mahon has updated the software for NadaNet, his Apple II network project. Read on for the changes.

  • A convenient ampersand interface for Applesoft BASIC
  • Two new commands, &BPOKE and &PEEKINC, for parallel programming
  • Separate versions for different operating environments (ProDOS, DOS, AppleCrate, MSERVE) to maximize free space
  • Several BASIC applications and utilities

    He writes: “The only hurdle you have to overcome
    (assuming that you have at least two Apple II’s) is that you will have
    to build two or more small adapters on 16-pin DIP sockets to plug
    into the game ports of the networked machines. The handful of parts
    are cheap and widely available, so it shouldn’t pose much of a problem,
    assuming you can solder.”