The AppleWin Apple II emulator for Windows has been updated to version The new version has several new features and fixes a number of bugs.New features include:

  • You can now save and load the state of the emulator, to pick up where you left off later.
  • Added volume control for speaker and Mockingboard audio.
  • Added control for the keyboard buffer.
  • Added a Save State page.
  • Changed the configuration dialog to property sheet pages.

Bugs fixed include:

  • Fixed the problem with jerky graphics when in mixed HGR/text mode.
  • Fixed a sudden burst of full speed after unpausing the emulator.
  • Fixed a problem with joystick emulation that was affecting Championship Lode Runner and Boulderdash.
  • Fixed a problem with FLASH mode when nothing was changing on the text screen.
  • Fixed a problem with the 6502 SBC opcode when in BCD mode; this fixes a problem with the game Dino Eggs.
  • Fixed a Pro Mockingboard compatibility problem; accesses to Pro Mockingboard features are now ignored.