The latest version of the multi-platform Apple IIGS emulator KEGS fixes a serious file corruption bug, adds full screen mode for Mac OS X and new virtual modem support. Full screen mode for the Windows version is on its way. The virtual modem allows for direct connection to the Internet.Changes in KEGS v0.91 since v0.90 (12/06/04)

  • Fixed serious bug in engine_c.c that could cause Finder file copies to silently corrupt data.
  • Virtual Modem support–modem appears on serial port, allows outgoing and incoming connections.
  • Sockets (and Virtual Modem) supported on Windows.
  • Fixed various reset bugs (where pressing Ctrl-Reset would cause infinite beeps, etc).
  • Allow user to select ROM file from config panel if not found.
  • Improved Mac OS X interface: Full Screen support and error dialogs.
  • Better floppy support by always having 5.25? read nearest track regardless of head position (supports Last Gladiator game bad crack by emulating other emulators).