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NadaNet update supports new ampersand interface

Michael Mahon has updated the software for NadaNet, his Apple II network project. Read on for the changes. A convenient ampersand interface for Applesoft BASIC Two new commands, &BPOKE and &PEEKINC, for parallel programming Separate versions for different operating environments (ProDOS, DOS, AppleCrate, MSERVE) to maximize free space Several BASIC applications and utilities He writes: […]

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Juiced.GS Volume 9, Issue 4 mailed

Syndicomm reports that Volume 9, Issue 4 of Juiced.GS magazine has been mailed to all subscribers. The new issue includes articles on building serial cables, emulation, Andrew Roughan’s work on making it possible to access the Internet through a Windows system, and writing software using Syndicomm’s SideClick contextual menu package. Other regular articles are of […]

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Updated NDAs by Ryan Suenaga

New versions of Ryan Suenaga’s three released New Desk Accessories: MyIP.NDA, TheirIP.NDA, and MailChecker.NDA have been uploaded to his World Wide Web site as well as the Syndicomm A2 Library. These all implement minor bug fixes. See to download these new versions.