Sorry for the late post. KFest sleep deprivation has kicked in.After breakfast, we started the morning off by watching an episode of “The Computer Chronicles” that featured the “new” Apple //c Plus and Apple IIGS computers (ROM 03, I assume).

We watched nostalgically (and not without a little irony) as Stewart Cheifet and Gary Kildall interviewed the Apple representatives. Cheifet pointed out what was obvious to everyone else at the time; Apple’s lack of support for the Apple II was being felt in the community. And, the rest as they say, is history. You can download the video we watched here. Apple II Forever!

Then we watched a G4 episode of “Icons” featuring the success story of the Apple II. The program showed the early years how Apple Computer started, and how despite Apple’s neglect (and sometimes hostility) the Apple II continued to sell in ever increasing numbers.

Mac OS X is a cool operating system. It wasn’t surprising that someone out there was going to try running it on x86 hardware. Enter PearPC, a PowerPC emulator for x86. Austin Phelps demonstrated PearPC in action by booting OS X and sharing his experiences with it. Austin said it took 3 days to install OS X on his 2.4GHz Pentium 4 laptop. It works, but it’s slow going. No word on how Apple’s recent announcement of their processor change to x86 may effect the PearPC project.

After lunch, Kirk Mitchell proposed the creation of an Apple II Hall of Fame. After a productive session of Q&A, suggestions and brainstorming, a plan was developed. Kirk will be forming a committee soon and more news will be forthcoming.

Next up, Greg Nelson demonstrated his GatorBox setup. The GatorBox is an Applenet router and Localtalk/Ethernet bridge device. It’s handy for sharing data and network peripherals with your GS and lesser capable computers like Macs and PCs.

By the way, Greg’s Mother is turning 90 and we wish her a Happy Birthday from all the KFesters.

Ryan Suenaga then gave a presentation on Marinetti programming in the ORCA/Pascal environment. Ryan has been very active lately, programming handy little apps for the GS. Thanks Ryan, you officially don’t suck.

Supper came and went. After it had cooled off, some of us went out on the soccer field for a contest to see who could hurl diskettes and CD’s the farthest. No eyes, spleens or innocent furry woodland creatures were hurt during this excercise but I don’t know for sure who won either.

UPDATE: Ed Eastman is the Winner, and Iron KFester. Tony Diaz gets honorable mention for being the only participant to whomp another competitor. That’s OK, Austin didn’t need his spleen anyway.

Sheppy joined us virtually for awhile via iChat cam. It was good to see him, and we also got to see Sophie, his new baby girl.

Several of us stayed in tonight to enjoy a movie, which happened to be “The Incredibles”. It was also an opportunity to enjoy another KFest tradition, the mass consumption of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and milk. It does a body good you know. ?

Wish you were here!