Goodbye, see you next year…Starting late Saturday night, sometimes as late as Sunday morning – it hits you. Where did the week go? KFest is over already?

Most people start packing the night before depending on how early their drive or flight is. Some people wait until the last possible moment.

Today, I made sure I got up for breakfast. It was our last one together until next year. It looks like a lot of people felt the same way. Turn out was high, and though we all looked tired, everyone was smiles and talking about the good time we had, and how nice the facility was.

Once we were back at the dorm, it was time to pack it up and KP the common areas. We try to leave the area somewhat clean, so the facility staff has a good impression of us for next year.

Between packing, we pause to say our goodbyes to those heading out. You make a lot of friends at KFest. You’ll chat with most of them online during the year, but you miss hanging out with them in person.

Fortunately, we have places like A2Central and comp.sys.apple2 to hold us over until next year.

Start planning for KFest 2006. I hope to see you there.

Apple II Forever!