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Posted inSoftware

Virtual ][ 4.1 released

Gerard Putter has released Virtual ][ 4.1, the latest version of his excellent 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X. The new version allows mounting Mac OS X folders as ProDOS disks, includes a Spotlight module that scans the contents of ProDOS disks, supports double-low-resolution graphics on the Apple //e, and fixes certain bugs […]

Posted inProgramming

Hobby Cross Assembler (HXA) updated to v0.12

Anton Treuenfels has posted an update to his Hobby Cross Assembler (links directly to 6502-family variant page, main page is here). According to the website, HXA is a one-pass assembler capable of producing absolute output files in binary and Intel hexadecimal formats. HXA is designed to be fairly portable between various processors, and is GPL-licensed […]