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Michael Mahon releases standalone version of RT.SYNTH

Practically everyone in the Apple II community knows about Michael Mahon’s NadaNet and Applecrate Projects. Now he’s released RT.SYNTH, the Real-Time Single-Voice Music Synthesizer. Michael’s announcement follows: After getting the 8-voice CrateSynth working, it became clear that running only on an AppleCrate severely limited its potential users. So I’ve developed RT.SYNTH, a real-time single-voice music […]

Posted inSoftware

SDDApple 0.06 released

SDDApple 0.06 is an Apple II Plus emulator written using Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL).According to the author, SDDApple at this time is very limited. The disk routines are only working properly for NIB images so you may want to crack out that old copy of em2emu. Like apl2em, the emulator expects its disk images to […]