WAP is having to downsize its inventory to reduce the amount of storage space needed. If you’d like to rescue some of this stuff before it goes into a dumpster, read on.I went through the boxes tonight and it is literally quite a
haul–there are about forty (40) copier-paper boxes of Apple II
software, hardware and manuals.

Many of the software titles and hardware cards are with the manuals in
the original box. Several copier-paper boxes are full of Apple II
cards including Super Serial Cards, parallel printer cards (Orange
Micro and others), sound cards (Echo), mouse cards and memory cards as
well as some SCSI and TransWarp cards. There were also some unsual
hardware items, like a kit with a card and interface board to allow an
Apple II to interface to general hardware devices like servos. I
recommend going tomorrow (Thursday) for best selection because the SCSI
and TransWarp cards will go fast.

The storage area will be open for access tomorrow, Thursday, from
around noon until 6:00 PM and again on Saturday morning from 9:00 AM
until we’re done loading boxes of stuff for transport to the recycling
center. Feel free to call the office (301-984-0300) and confirm that
WAP is definitely open before driving there if you wish.

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