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Virtual ][ 4.3 released for Mac OS X

Gerard Putter has released version 4.3 of Virtual ][, his excellent 8-bit Apple II emulator for systems running Mac OS X. The new release fixes bugs in the Spotlight module so that DOS 3.3 disk images are more reliably searchable, an endless-loop bug in the Spotlight module, and improves compatibility of the A2V2 program, which […]

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Silvern Castle 9.0 released

Jeff Fink has updated his fantastic 8-bit role-playing game, Silvern Castle, to version 9.0.Version 9.0 fixes a bug with maze teleporters that could cause the automap to crash, and another bug that could cause crashes when powerful parties fight weak monsters. Also, there are now graphics showing the monster you’re fighting as well as graphics […]

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New Apple II emulator released

Appleblossom is a new open-source (GPL) Apple II emulator. Appleblossom currently emulates a typical 128K Apple IIe with 80-columns, Disk II, and hard drive. All graphics modes are supported. Sound is not. Provisions are in place for serial support, but the hardware is not implemented.