Version of the popular AppleWin Apple II emulator for Windows has been released.The new version has numerous improvements.

  • Fixed support for the Apple ][+ ROM (the IRQ vector was pointing to the wrong place).
  • Added three new command-line switches that allow you to select full screen mode and to mount disk images in drives.
  • Extended the 6502 debugger with new commands to select memory windows, display zero-page memory, and perform extended memory dumps to dump SY6522/AY8910 registers.
  • Added support for ACME symbol files.
  • Now emulates the Applied Engineering Phasor sound card. It defaults to Mockingboard mode, and can be used in slot 4 or 5.
  • The display now updates at approximately 60 Hz instead of 20 Hz.
  • Emulation is now broken into one millisecond units instead of into video frame time units.
  • The CPU emulator is now internal, instead of being in a DLL. The DLLs are going to be phased out.