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The History of Computer Role-Playing Games

Courtesy Slashdot comes Matt Barton’s article on The History of Computer Role-Playing Games Part I: The Early Years (1974-1983). The chronology starts by discussing tabletop D&D and number games like Strat-O-Matic, moves into mainframe classics like dnd and Rogue, and then covers the first CRPGs for home computers. The author wrote this article for CRPG […]

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Syndicomm store reopens

Syndicomm reopened its online store this evening after being offline for most of a week for upgrades. The store has all products available for purchase, although there may be the occasional glitch. In particular, products that include links to other products in their descriptions probably will take you to the wrong page, and the site’s […]

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A2Unplugged show #0007 released

Back from his Thanksgiving hiatus, Ryan Suenaga presents A2Unplugged, show #0007. In this podcast, Ryan interviewsĂ‚ Tony Diaz, Chairman of the KansasFest Planning Commitee, andĂ‚ gets the scoopĂ‚ on this year’s exciting KFest event scheduled for July 17-22 in Kansas City. Tune in and get unplugged.

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ADTPro now supports Uthernet card

David Schmidt has enhanced ADTPro even further by adding support for the A2RetroSystems Uthernet card. Now you can transfer disk images to your Apple II using Ethernet instead of a serial cable (although bootstrapping still requires serial). David’s post on comp.sys.apple2 warns some work is still needed to resolve timeout issues, but that overall, it’s […]