Apple II Applicard afficionados rejoice. Steven Hirsch, accomplished CP/M expert, will soon release a package of utilities to support logical partitions on many ProDOS block devices.Steven’s post on CSA2:

If you have a PCPI Applicard (aka MicroPro Starcard), you’re in luck. I’m going to release an package of utilities and drivers, under a free license (TBD, but probably GPL) that will support a logical partition on the CFFA for CP/M.

I’ve been using my CFFA for this since day one. The approach used in the ProPartition utilities (name I sold it under, back in the day) will support Applicard CP/M (or a CardZ180, if you’re one of the handful of lucky owners) on absolutely _any_ ProDOS block device.

Tested to date and known to work:

A2 ProFile, Corvus Omnidisk, Sider (all of them), Vulcan, CFFA, RamFactor, Apple II Ram Card (slot 1-7, not AUX slot), Disk 3.5, Unidisk 3.5 and probably many others I’ve forgotten over the years.