Andy McFadden has updated CiderPress to version 2.4.2. The latest version of the popular Apple II file and disk utility for Windows offers a number of new features and improvements. CiderPress is an indespensible shareware value at only $9.95 USD.New features include:

  • Added support for FocusDrive disks and disk images. The FocusDrive card allowed IDE drives to be connected to an Apple II, and support up to 30 partitions.
  • Added an option to allow writing to physical disk 0. (For most people, physical disk 0 is C:, so writing to it is a bad idea. Some BIOSs will assign physical disk 0 to the first IDE drive even if you’re booting from SATA disks.)
  • Under WinXP, use a newer “get disk info” call to get more accurate sizes for hard drives and CF cards.