Paul Zaleski provided this detailed summary of the KFest Hackfest contest. This year’s entries were mighty impressive.
Hackfest is the annual programming contest at KFest. Programming can’t start until the beginning of the conference and the contest concludes on the last full day of KFest. Participants are judged on the completeness of their entry, programming experience, and by the quality of their program. The top entries at KFest 2006 were (in no particular order):


Geoff Weiss – Applesoft – Bejeweled

Geoff wrote this Bejeweled clone in Applesoft using Low Rez graphics. It looked pretty darn good for being Low Rez. Rather than detailed “jewels” he just used different colored rectangles. Mouse capability was included.


Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd – C – Icon Invaders

Eric created a game which icons drop down the screen at different rates and you have to shoot them ala Space Invaders style. Pretty cool
looking. The game pulls the icons out of the GSOS icons folder, both small and large.


Stavros Karatsoridis – SUPERPILOT – Kfest Trivia

Stavros crated a Kfest Trivia game using SUPERPILOT. This was one of 2 entries which was 100% complete at presentation time.


Margaret Anderson – Applesoft – Soduku Problem Helper

This text was the other 100% complete Hackfest entry. It displays 9 Soduku problems on the screen and helps you solve them, offering
suggestions for possible solutions if you would like. The program used keyboard onscreen editing with a side menu.


Matthew Schock – Applesoft – RPG Game

Matthew wrote a text based Samurai Role Playing Game with ASCII graphics and animation, animated stick figures included.


The winners were:

1st Place: Margaret Anderson
2nd Place: Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd
3rd Place: Matthew Schock