It’s the first day of KansasFest and it’s also the hottest day of the year yet for the KC Metro area.The temperature with heat index was at least 104 degrees on Tuesday, making moving in a very hot and sweaty affair. We have to be careful not to over do it in the heat and stay hydrated.

We’re in the Xavier-Loyalla (XL) dorm this year, which is similar to Corcoran aside from the lobby and basement. A few steps have to be negotiated by those of us using carts to haul in equipment, but all in all, it’s not that bad. It helps to have friends lend a hand.

I arrived a little later than I wanted to, around 3:00pm. Several other campers were already here, some of the new people and veterans of KFests past. It’s always good to catch up with your buddies, but it’s a definate pleasure to meet new people and learn about them and their interests. To all the new people, WELCOME and we hope you’ll enjoy yourself and come back next year.

There really aren’t any official activities on move-in day, except for the excursion out to Sweet Tomatoes for vegan-friendly (carnivore neutral) dining. Tonight we all enjoyed salads and pastas while discussing anything and everything imaginable.

Afterwards, some of us headed back to XL while others went provisioning to get supplies for personal needs and Wednesday’s KFest Kookout.

Once back in the dorms, it was time to settle in and make the rounds to visit with friends, old and new to catch up on things and see what goodies they had brought. Tony Diaz for example brought a number of prototypes and other interesting items — more on those later when they’ve either been demo’ed or announced.

Wow, one thing is for sure. Rockhurst takes network security seriously. Many of the ports we need are locked down tight. Hardly anything works except http and pop3/smtp. To their credit, Rockhurst does a good job accommodating our needs
and I expect we’ll be better off by Wednesday.

It’s really good to be back for another KFest. Wish you could be here with us.