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KansasFest sessions announced

An early peek at the sessions that will be presented at this year’s KansasFest has been released.Sessions include: There are other events and sessions, but this is the list so far. Sean Fahey will be providing our primary coverage again this year, and it looks like it’ll be a great KansasFest! Stay tuned — it […]

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Sudoku Solver for the Apple II

Michael J. Mahon & Scott Hemphill have collaborated to produce a Sudoku Solver for the Apple II. Sudoku Solver runs on any Apple II with 80-column firmware and a 65C02 processor, which includes the IIc, the IIc+, the Enhanced //e, and the IIgs. A 6502 version is in progress, so that it can run on […]

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CiderPress 2.4.2 released

Andy McFadden has updated CiderPress to version 2.4.2. The latest version of the popular Apple II file and disk utility for Windows offers a number of new features and improvements. CiderPress is an indespensible shareware value at only $9.95 USD.New features include: