Colin Klipsch has released a new beta release of Catakig, an open-source emulator for the popular Apple II series of personal computers, supporting the Apple ][, ][+, //e, and //c models.

What’s new in this version:

  • Adjusted ROM file scanning. [Now using ‘crc32′ instead of ‘adler32′, both from ‘zlib’. Also reverted back to C FILE pointers after having tried NSInputStreams to no great advantage.] Fixed an endian-ness issue that broke ROM verification on Intel Macs.
  • Added recognition of Revision-00 IIc ROM.
  • Improved intelligence of the memory card firmware in slot 4. Added more error detection. Implemented more authentic behavior when the memory isn’t there (when the user has selected “Extra RAM: None”).
  • Fixed some bad code in the printer firmware that mangled CR behavior and other character output. This bug affected pre-IIc models only.
  • In the “Save Printer Session” dialog, the “Add suffix” checkbox had no actual effect. Fixed.
  • Fixed IIe memory mapping behavior in the $C100-C7FF area.
  • Removed bogus menu commands related to document files. The saving and restoring of Apple II states isn’t supported yet. Also removed the “Help” menu, as there is no in-line help yet.

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