Gerard Putter has updated his OS X 8-bit Apple II emulator, Virtual ][, to version 5.6.

What’s new in version 5.6

  • Added full implementation of the Super Serial card, allowing an Apple II program to connect to an actual serial device, such as a dial-up modem.
  • When the application is started for the first time, it now adapts the window size to best match the computer’s main screen.
  • Solved an issue that caused ProDOS to fail when formatting a diskette.
  • Solved an issue that could cause the program to crash when restarting a virtual machine.
  • In very rare circumstances a modified diskette image was not saved when it was ejected. This has been fixed.
  • Solved a minor issue with the print preview button; double-clicking while the print preview was open made the presented output invisible.
  • In the previous release, one of the ImageWriter pictures was missing, resulting in a blinking icon in the devices bar while printing. This has been corrected.