Vince Briel of Briel Computers has announced that he’s taking pre-orders for his new 3-slot expansion interface board for Apple I and Replica 1 computers. The expansion board is connected to the Replica 1 via a standard 40 pin IDE cable, making it possible to add the Apple Cassette Interface, and exciting new devices such as Rich Dreher’s CFFA1 card (currently in testing). Kits will be $44.95 and assembled boards $54.95 USD, plus shipping.

In related news, Vince has developed a PS/2 encoder board for the Apple II and II Plus, to replace failed keyboard encoder boards. He’s also working on an adapter board that convert a standard Apple //e keyboard into an ASCII keyboard so that people who need ASCII don’t have to scrap a II Plus to get one. If either of these projects interest you, be sure to let Vince know.