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Why your Apple turned yellow

Via Slashdot comes this article at that takes an in-depth look as to the causes and cures for the yellowing that tends to afflict older Apple and Mac hardware. The article, which offers in-depth research into and explanation of the chemistry involved in the discoloration of plastic casings, shows an Apple IIe Platinum as […]

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Downunder Chat – Apple II IRC for Australians, other “downunder” regions

Beginning February 2nd, Andrew Roughan will be hosting Downunder Chat for our fellow Apple II users in Australia, New Zealand and other regions “downunder” on Fridays, 9pm-11pm Australian Eastern Summer Time. That’s 4am-6am A2Central time (or 2am-4am Pacific, 10am-12pm UTC). Discussion topics will include where participants are located, interests, projects, sale and trade of gear, […]

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Telnet accessible Diversi-Dial site launched – Late Night BBS

PeteB posted on comp.sys.apple2 that he’s launched a 7 user, telnet accessible Diversi-Dial chat system, on a real Apple //e no less. You can read more about Pete’s system and Diversi-Dial in general at or telnet to: 6001 – the “6001” is the port the system is answering on. Apparently, you must request a user […]