Dave Schmenk has posted an interesting new 3D maze adventure game for the Apple II called “Homebrew 3D” or “Escape From the Homebrew Computer Club”. You can get the zipped DSK image here. See the rest of the story for Dave’s announcement, screenshots and system requirements.

UPDATE: The game has been updated to 1.1, story links updated.

Here’s Dave’s annoucement as posted on Applefritter:

Here is what you’ve been waiting for…
30 years in the making…
The game that has it all:
16 colors!
Hi-Res 40×48 full screen graphics!
15 frames-per-second animation!
Hi-Fi mono clickety sound!
Fast keyboard support w/ joystick too!
3 huge 32×32 levels!
Bad guys with red eyes!
Dr. Pepper, Coffee, Snickers, and M&Ms!

Escape from the Homebrew Computer Club

You are Steve Wozniak. You have just demonstrated your latest creation, the Apple ][, to the Homebrew computer club. The evil minions of Tandy, Atari, and Commodore have come to steal your computer. You must escape and join Steve Jobs to get the Apple ][ to market.

Good Luck.

Happy 30th Birthday, Apple ][,




Power Ups:

Basement Hall:

Bad Guy:

Are You the One:

Ground Floor:


DSK Image:



A real Apple II with 48K, Disk II, color monitor and joystick is preferred. Emulators work OK, but input with an analog joystick gives the best experience. Accelerators, IIc+ and IIgs machines should be set to run at 1 MHz.

UPDATE: This is a minor update that fixes a few problems. First, it is more fair about the bad guys chasing you. Previously, the bad guys had the last move, which in certain cases wouldn’t allow you to break free – especially if there were two of them chasing you. To make up for this, they are now slightly faster and inflict more damage – but you can get away faster too. I also forgot to add the spin 180 keyboard command.