Juiced.GS, the only Apple II publication still in print, is looking for writers to contribute one or more articles to its quarterly journal. We have more articles to publish than we have time or people to write them all. If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to contribute to the Apple II community, consider writing for Juiced.GS!

We’re open to any and all suggestions for topics. We additionally have many articles that have already been requested to be written, as listed below. Many are programming-oriented; others call for critique of software, hardware, or literature; people willing to conduct interviews are also welcome.

If you can knowledgably write on any one of these or other areas, please drop a line to Editor-in-Chief Ken Gagne.

  • An insider’s perspective on the development of a specific piece of software you have written
  • Porting software to the Apple II: an overview
  • A TCP/IP programming primer
  • Serial interfacing: getting today’s peripherals working with yesterday’s computer
  • A guide to user interface design
  • Introduction to the Monitor (not the display device)
  • How to transfer files to and from an Apple II and other computers
  • Historical look at Apple II publications
  • Historical look at Apple II online services
  • HyperCard: Apple IIgs software bargain of the century
  • A disk image primer
  • A walkthrough of building a Replica 1
  • A review of the final Apple-1 product
  • A review of the book Back to the Garage
  • An interview with an Apple-1 luminary, Apple Computer Inc. former employee, or any number of other notable figures
  • Any other article you think would be interesting to read or write!

[Note: strikethroughs indicate articles that have been written since this news post was first published. Thank you for the contributions!]

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