Gerard Putter has updated his awesome OS X 8-bit Apple II emulator, Virtual ][, to version 5.7.

What’s new in version 5.7

  • Added a “search all disk images” feature to the program that presents all disk images found on the system, and allows fast searching for an Apple II file.
  • The emulated diskette drives now allow inserting a diskette image in gzipped form.
  • The Spotlight search module now also scans gzipped diskettes.
  • Solved an issue that caused the emulated game paddle button #1 to “stick” when controlled with the right mouse button or the alt key.
  • The previous version (5.6) had introduced a problem with USB game pads on Intel Macs. This issue has been solved.
  • Solved an issue that prevented the use of reset (ctrl-F12) in full-screen mode.
  • Solved a ProDOS compatibility issue concerning the Thunderclock card.
  • Solved an issue that could cause the Inspector to show a wrong memory bank in the slot 3 memory space on an Apple //e.