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R&D Automation taking CFFA1 pre-orders

Rich Dreher is now accepting pre-orders for the CFFA1, a ProDOS-accessible compact flash interface for the Apple 1 and the Replica-1/Obtronix series clones. The CFFA1 is $119 USD, plus $5 shipping for 1-3 boards. This production run is limited to 100 cards,Ă‚ so this batch will probably go fast. We’ve orderedĂ‚ ours (2 in fact), and I […]

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CiderPress v3.0 released, now open source and free

Andy McFadden has released CiderPress v3.0 and generously reclassified it as an open source project!Ă‚ Thank you, Andy. According to Andy, 270 people registeredĂ‚ CiderPress as shareware. Now, even more people will benefit from this essential application, and maybe someone will even take on the task ofĂ‚ porting itĂ‚ toĂ‚ Mac OS X. (hint hint)Ă‚ A lot of people wouldĂ‚ love to […]