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Early Apple ][ on eBay #271

Dr. Steven Weyhrich, historian and author of the Apple II History web site, brought this remarkable Apple ][ auction on eBay to our attention. What makes this Apple ][ so interesting is it’s early serial number, #271 — and check out the case, it lacks the ventilation slots that appear on later Apple computers. We […]

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A2Unplugged show #0009 released

Ryan Suenaga presents A2Unplugged, show #0009. In this episode,Ă‚ Ryan shares his first hand experienceĂ‚ with Ewen Wannop’s new SNAP usenet news reader for the Apple IIGS andĂ‚ other eventsĂ‚ of interest in the Apple II community. A2Unplugged can be freely downloaded from the podcast’s web site, or subscribed to from the Apple iTunes store. Tune in and get […]

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Ewen Wannop announces SNAP, NNTP client for Apple IIGS

AsĂ‚ announced in the latest issue of Juiced.GS, Ewen Wannop is about to release SNAP (Speccie’s News Acquisition Program), aĂ‚ new NNTP client for the Apple IIGSĂ‚ which let’s you access Usenet servers directly from your desktop. SNAP is expected to be available from Ewen’s web site sometime around April 10th. SNAP requires a IIGS running Marinetti 3.0b3 […]