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A2Unplugged show #0010 released

Ryan Suenaga presents A2Unplugged, show #0010. In this episode, RyanĂ‚ takes a look atĂ‚ Samurai, an Internet Relay Chat client for the Apple IIGS from Ninjaforce,Ă‚ and SAFE2, an FTP client written by Ewen “Speccie” Wannop. Also, you’ll hear the latestĂ‚ on events of interest in the Apple II community. A2Unplugged can be freely downloaded from the podcast’s web […]

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An evening with Apple II industrial designer Jerry Manock

The Computer History Museum of Mountain View, California, USA, will host an evening with former Apple industrial designers Jerry Manock and Robert Brunner. This is “a unique opportunity to hear fascinating personal stories and perspectives from Jerry Manock, designer of the Apple II, Apple III and the original Mac, and Robert Brunner, head of Apple’s […]

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A2Central to donate all Cafepress sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Back when the original A2Central site was operated by Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd, and somewhat affiliated with Syndicomm, A2Central had a Cafepress store to sell A2Central branded merchandise. Since the changeover to me (Sean Fahey), nothing has been done with it… until now. Effective today and for as long as I operate A2Central, I’m pledging ALLĂ‚ net […]