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ADTPro 1.0.0 officially released

David Schmidt announced today that after spending a year in beta, ADTPro is now officially released. ADTPro is an open source application for transferring disk images from modern computing platforms to vintage Apple II computers using serial cable, ethernet (Uthernet required) and even audio. ADTPro is highly recommended and so easy to use, even a […]

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June 2007 1 MHz podcast now available

1 MHz, the Apple II podcast, has released its June 2007 episode, available from the show’s Web site or via iTunes. Host Carrington Vanston describes this episode: In this episode, I try to sort out when the Apple II really turned 30… and whether Retro Thing and Retrocomputing Times are going to have to wrestle […]

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Geoff Harrison’s vintage Apple ][ (pics)

Geoff Harrison was nice enough to share pictures on comp.sys.apple2 of this vintage Apple ][ that he owns. The case is marked A2S1-0097, and the serialized motherboard is 1.299 (batch #1, board #299); before mass production forced Apple to adopt the more commonly seen week+year format. It’s a must see for the hardcore Apple II […]

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Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0

Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0 is occurring this weekend in Wall, New Jersey. The event will feature hardware, speakers, and presentations of classic computing from the 1940s forward. The festival’s organizer, Evan Koblentz, writes in his blog, Technology Rewind: “Any computer wiz older than 30 knows about the legendary MOS Technology 6502 processor — the […]