Here we are at the last full day of KFest. It’s tough knowing this year’s event is winding down, but you realize at the start of the day that it’s up to you to make the most of it: enjoy the remaining sessions; witness the culmination of HackFest and the GShisen contest; the last lunch together; the annual KC Masterpiece outing; the final evening of wandering the halls and visiting with friends both old and new; chatting up the Apple II or working on ideas for new hardware or software programs to take our little computer to the next level. It’s the kind of night you don’t want to end.

Those who have early flights on Sunday reluctantly hit the sack around 1 AM. Many others make it until 2 or longer. The thing we can all hold onto through the goodbyes are the promises to come back next year. It’s an event that is open to all. Maybe 2008 will be the year you make your first outing to Kansas City.

But I’m jumping ahead…

Saturday started off with the now familiar cafeteria breakfast. I was tempted to ask Tony Diaz to let me open a box of his Frosted KrustyO’s breakfast cereal (where does he find this stuff?).

Ryan Suenaga began the day’s sessions with his “Suck Free Zone 2007”. He once again proved he definitely does not suck by releasing a new Apple IIgs program—SMS NDA. This New Desk Accessory lets you send SMS messages to any cell phone—how cool. The program requires Marinetti, and he hopes to make it available for download soon.

Next up was Carrington Vanston’s Podcasting 101. His session was a very entertaining look at how to start podcasting on a budget, while not sacrificing sound quality. He covered microphones, amplifiers, recording devices, and tips and techniques to make your podcast sound great. Carrington is the creator of an Apple II podcast called 1 MHz.

Our final session was led by Ryan Suenaga. He led a live recording of his podcast A2 Unplugged (or Unpugged as it was known at KFest). Eric Shepherd and Ken Gagne joined Ryan for a review on the week’s activities. The podcast will be available soon.

The afternoon’s main event was the announcement of the winners of HackFest 2007. There were five entrants this year. More details will be published in a separate post to A2Central.

Other events included the Swap Meet/Vendor’s Fair and evening trip to KC Masterpiece. There was much food consumed and plenty of good cheer to go around.

The last official event of the night was the GShisen gaming showdown between the top seeded Margaret Anderson and equally formidable Geoff Weiss. Check out the separate post for details.