Max Jones was kind enough to write up the results of the GShisen contest, as well as organize and run the event. Thanks Max. Here is his report:

Geoff Weiss set the world on fire in the championship round of the GShisen Contest with a blistering time of 2:53 to claim the 2007 title. He needed that kind of performance to defeat Margaret Anderson, who also turned in an impressive time of 3:26. (The GShisen game number played in the championship round was 9197.)

Geoff’s victory earned him a $50 product discount on any title in the Syndicomm software arsenal. The second-place prize for Margaret was a 2008 subscription to Juiced.GS.

Earlier in the day, Margaret had won the second round of the contest, followed by Geoff. Placing third in the second round was Sarah Shepherd, followed by Bruce Baker and Carl Knoblock (a former champion).

Congrats to the winners and all the participants in this year’s contest.