After months of anticipation, KFest is finally here. We’ve got a great group this time around with several new people as well as some returning folks we haven’t seen in awhile joining the regulars. All have come out to brave the heat and campus mystery food to participate in the largest annual Apple II enthusiast gathering in the world. If you’re not here with us, you’re missing out on a great time!

Tuesday is not an official KFest day, technically, but rather a move in and get settled day. Most of the attendees have arrived and already set up their computers and other gear. After my initial tour, I’m pleased to say many of our attendees were able to bring real Apple II computers with them, while out of necessity, others are relying on emulation. It’s a nice mix.

I’m positive this is going to be a great KFest! I’ve already heard a few rumors of exciting new products in the pipe — hopefully we’ll see some demos soon.

That’s all for now. A2Central will be posting daily updates as time allows. Wish you were here!