Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd has posted Sweet16 2.0 Public Beta 1, which is now available from his Mac Downloads page. It has a number of nice improvements, among which are:

  • OpenGL accelerated graphics.
  • Color fidelity improved.
  • Resize your IIgs video window to any size you like.
  • Mount your 800K floppy disk images as SmartPort hard disks by default if you want to.
  • Fixed bugs with finding and remembering the location of the ROM file.
  • Now recognizes Mac file types for various disk image formats including 2mg, DiskCopy 4, and DiskCopy 6. Improved recognition of disk images in general.

There are other enhancements too, that Sheppy will post more on later.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta, and almost certainly has significant bugs. While it has some nice new features, it’s not necessarily reliable!