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PodBrix Woz and Jobs playset

We’ve posted a few PodBrix items in the past, because they feature our favorite hacker extraordinaire, Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple 1 and Apple II, and co-founder of Apple Computer. Without him, this site might be called “TRS-80 Technorati” or “Commodore 64 Central”… (shudder) Now, after a hiatus, artist Tomi and PodBrix […]

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Java on the Apple II?

Oliver Schmidt, the person who brought Contiki to the Apple II has been busy porting NanoVM to the cc65 toolchain. In Oliver’s own words, it’s a “very minimalistic Java implementation” but this means the Apple II (and other 65xx CPU equipped computers we won’t mention) could run (in a limited fashion) Java applications. You can […]