David Schmidt has released ADTPro 1.0.2, with numerous speed and function enhancements. David’s comp.sys.apple2 announcement is attached.

ADTPro 1.0.2 has been released.

It got a speed boost of 25%-33% for Disk II to host transfers by borrowing from Jean-Marc Boutillon (Deckard)’s FASTDSK fast Disk II reading routines (http://boutillon.free.fr/Underground/Docs/Fastdsk/Fastdsk_en.html). Thanks to Deckard for releasing his excellent utility to the community.

While I was there, I borrowed a couple other of Deckard’s ideas too: ADTPro is a ProDOS 8 SYS program now, so it can launch from GSOS or whatever you might have as a launcher. Swapping out the BASIC interpreter also buys me a little more headroom to borrow some more code that’s out there too. ? Oh, and first-time bootstrappers don’t have to send over the BASIC interpreter (a.k.a ProDOS Part II) any more.

I pulled in Bird’s Better Bye for our Apple II+ friends so they don’t have to be faced with the horrors of the default ProDOS program selector.

I also fixed a couple of problems with the sector ordering logic with 140k images. I thought it was a ProDOS vs. RWTS thing having trouble writing some tricky games, but it turned out to just be a “me” thing.