Tom Charlesworth has just posted to comp.sys.apple2 that AppleWin 1.14.0 beta is now available. AppleWin is a highly regarded, open source Apple //e emulator for the Windows operating system.

According to Tom, Applewin 1.14.0 beta includes the following:

. Super Serial Card: PR#2 & IN#2 now working
. Full support for Peripheral Expansion ROM (at $C800) & $CFFF access
. F2 (Power-cycle) when ROM is switched *out* caused Apple to freeze


. Attempt to use drive1’s image name as the name for the .aws file
. Added Apple //e (original 6502 version with “Venetian Blinds” self-test)
. Turbo mode via Scroll Lock (temporary or toggle mode) – selectable via UI

. Mouse Interface card support in slot 4 (selectable via UI)
– Full 6821 emulation & 2K ROM. Based on code by Kyle Kim (Apple in PC)
– Tested with: Dazzle Draw, Blazing Paddles, Archon II: Adept, Orge[Fix], Dragon Wars

I’ve released as beta as there have been many changes under the hood.

The mouse card is interesting: I assumed that the 2K Rom would appear at $Cn00 & $C800..$CEFF (ie. like the SSC). But it pages itself in dynamically only at $Cn00-$CnFF! I guess this is so it can coexist with the extended 80-col ROM.