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Lim Thye Chean releases source code

Apple IIGS programming advocate Lim Thye Chean has generously released the source code for some of the programs he’s written to the Apple II community. Among the offerings are KeyWin – an Applesoft windowing system, Infiltrator – a side-scrolling arcade space game, SuperMagic – a graphics library for Orca/M and Mandelbrot IIGS – an Apple […]

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Woz parodies self, donates to UC Berkeley

Time for some Woz-stalking (for a good cause)… fans of the Apple Co-founder have probably seen this YouTube video of the Woz circa mid-1980’s, endorsing Datsun’s (now Nissan) 280z sports car. Woz has just made a parody of that commercial. He’s selling his 2005 Nissan 350z, and donating the money collected toward raising $100,000 for new education and engineering […]

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Paul Zaleski launches Complete Pascal resource site

Paul Zaleski has announced a new site dedicated to Complete Pascal (the Pascal formerly known as TML Pascal) on comp.sys.apple2.programmer. From Paul’s post:  Everything you ever wanted to know about Complete Pascal with access to the tools to help you use it! The site features a detailed description of the software, it’s release history, downloads and resources sections (with […]